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Why Work With The Fixed Price Recruitment Company?

Most recruitment agencies who offer a fixed price service act more as an advertising agency for the role, only posting to job boards or other CV databases. The Fixed Price Recruitment Company differs from these agencies as we manage the entire recruitment process for our clients from start to finish.

We will gather a brief of your recruitment needs, the type of candidate you are looking for and the full details of the role, before actively search our extensive database of candidates, as well as prospecting the major job boards to find a candidate who is right for you. In short, we differ from our competitors as we actually do the recruiting rather than the advertising.

Further to this, should you choose to work with the Fixed Price Recruitment Company, you will work with a single consultant who will guide you through the process from start to finish. By working with a single person for your role we can ensure that you receive a service which is in sync with what you are looking for.

We often hear that when they have worked with other recruitment agencies, different to The Fixed Price Recruitment Company, they have experienced a disjointed service through working with more than one consultant. It can be annoying having to repeat the requirements for your vacancy and the details of your business, we aim to solve this by providing a single point of contact.

The Fixed Price Recruitment Company works on a contingent basis, which means that a placement has to be made before your business pays a single penny. We aim to provide an executive recruitment service without the fee, our search team can find the highest calibre candidates without the worry of being charged an extortionate price as you would if you worked with an agency operating on a percentage agreement. This is all backed up by a unique 12 month rebate scheme, which works on a sliding scale to protect your investment in new employees should they leave within the first year of working with you.  A full copy of The Fixed Price Recruitment Company’s terms can be found here.

To ensure that we put the right people forward to your business we skills test and psychometrically profile all of our candidates. The Fixed Price Recruitment Company offers a range of over 1100 skills tests, as well as psychometric profiles designed by industry experts. We can provide skills tests which are relevant to the role and industry of your vacancy, and psychometric profiles which give a real insight into candidates.

Click here to find out more about the psychometrics we recommend as well as the huge range of skills testing we can facilitate. Following the results of the testing that each of our candidates take part in, we design interview questions and formats which provide a real challenge. This is to ensure that we find the right person for your vacancy and a good fit for your organisation.  

1) Comprehensively Managed Service

2) A Single Point of Contact

3) Transparent Fees & A Unique Rebate Scheme

4) Skills Testing & Psychometric Profiling

Industries we Serve

Submit a Vacancy

Submit a Vacancy

Complete the form below and one of our team will get back to you in reference to filling your vacancy. Alternatively call 01908 764280 to speak to one of our consultants directly.

Accounts and Finance- We work with all types of businesses who are looking for financial staff, from SMEs to PLCs across all industry sectors. We find staff across a range of financial roles, from Finance Directors right through to Purchase Ledger Clerks.

HR & Payroll- We recruit staff for all levels of human resources, in the past we have recruited for roles such as Training Managers, Senior Staff Development Officers all the way through to HR Directors.

Legal- The Fixed Price Recruitment Company will recruit for any legal position. This can include any compliance or regulatory role.

Construction- Our team can source higher level construction or technical staff for your business, we have consultants dedicated to working with technical, engineering and construction roles.

IT + Telecoms- The Fixed Price Recruitment Company can recruit across a whole range of IT and Telecommunication roles.

A picture showing the managed service that The Fixed Price Recruitment Company includes in it's service. A picture showing the single point of contact you will experience should you choose to work with The Fixed Price Recruitment Company. A picture showing the rebate scheme which The Fixed Price Recruitment Company offers. A button linking to a page which shows the different skills tests and psychometric profiles that The Fixed Price Recruitment Company can offer.

Manufacturing- The Fixed Price Recruitment Company are comfortable sourcing any managerial manufacturing role for your business.

Scientific- We have consultants who have years of experience in recruiting for technical roles.

Retail Management- The Fixed Price Recruitment Company are capable of recruiting for any managerial position in the retail sector.

Marketing- From Marketing Executives to Marketing Directors, our search facilities will be able to find candidates who are right for your business.

Project Management & General Managerial Positions- Whether you are looking for a project manager who is specialised in a niche area, or your business is looking for a general staff supervisor who can manage a team, our database will likely contain the candidate you are looking for.