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Salary Range

Fixed Fee

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Up to £18,000

£18,000 to £26,000

£26,000 to £35,000

£35,000 to £50,000






Over £50,000


Welcome to the Fixed Price Recruitment Company!

Unlike most recruiters, we offer a service that is priced at a fixed fee rather than a percentage. This works in your favour as it means that you know exactly how much your recruitment process is going to cost from the outset. We often hear that other recruitment agencies, different to the Fixed Price Recruitment Company, deliberately put forward candidates seeking higher salaries to their clients to try and receive a higher recruitment fee.

Here at the Fixed Price Recruitment Company we have no interest in doing this, as once we agree an initial fee the cost will never change. Our terms are completely transparent, what we advertise through our website really is what you will receive. Click here to view The Fixed Price Recruitment Company’s terms.

Another key part of our service that sets us apart from competitors is that if you choose to work with us you will receive a comprehensively managed, inclusive recruitment process. Often recruitment agencies who offer a fixed price service act merely as an advertiser for the role, but The Fixed Price Recruitment Company aims to provide a complete recruitment process.

From the initial point of contact, you will work with a single consultant who completely understands your needs as a business and guides you through recruiting a member of staff the entire way. We extensively qualify and screen each candidate we put forward to our partners through skills testing and psychometric profiling as standard, as well as bespoke interviews.

Our fees are backed up by a unique 12 month rebate scheme, working on a sliding scale, to protect your investment in new staff. To find out more about our service click here.  

Fixed Price Recruitment’s Standard Fees